AlphaStation 500/500
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AlphaStation 500/500 Image Gallery

AlphaStation 500 (front)

AlphaStation 500 (rear)

Open storage bay door

Chassis main logic board area

Chassis rear side

Main logic board (top layer)

Main logic board (bottom layer)

Main logic board installed

Core I/O connectors

Core I/O chips


CPU cache chips

Power connectors

PCI riser (top layer)

PCI riser (bottom layer)

Audio module (top layer)

Audio module (bottom layer)

Ethernet MAU (top layer)

Ethernet MAU (bottom layer)

Audio module and Ethernet MAU installed

PSU installed

Frame internal drive

CD-ROM (top)

CD-ROM frame

EMI shield FD/HD frame

FD/HD frame

FD/HD frame populated

Spacing between FD/HD frame and cache

AS500 helicopter view