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Hardware Stock

This is an old project meant for creating an inventory of hardware components. For each component its state is recorded as well as useful notes or links to external documentation. Components are grouped in categories to enable quick retrieval. Here's a screenshot of a component group and component details.


Currently, HWS supports 26 different device types. Hardware of one of these device types can be input into the system along with certain key features. The supported device types are:

Additional features are:


HWS is a web-based system with a database backend. In order to run it you'll need the following:

*) Currently supported MySql, PostgreSQL, and SQLite3

Note that I haven't done much on security, so I recommend running HWS strictly internal.


I've not yet released a "final" version of HWS. Thusfar there is a tarball of a beta version and there is the latest version in my Subversion repository: